Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In Italian, Rugby = Rugby

Monday night, my procrastination skills proved to be polished and at their finest. I had to write fourteen pages (including one page of a creative 2D art project of my inventing), read over fifty pages, and read an article which I need to include in my 5-7 minute presentation that I had to give to my art history class Tuesday morning at the church of Santa Maria Novella, as well as read and answer questions about a story in Italian for language class.  Instead of making the level-headed decision and going home after drawing class ended at 7pm (aka 19 o'clock), I went to rugby practice. Ya ya ya!

It's a 40 minute drive (both ways) to get to the pitch.
It was raining the whole time.
I'm the youngest and least experienced out of all the women.
However; it was so incredibly worth it that I get giddy when I talk about it.

We speak in Italian on the field. For me, rugby is enough of an adrenaline rush on its own, but when you throw in the extra spicy ingredient of trying to decipher what someone is yelling at me in Italian, while simultaneously getting stepped on in a puddle of mud, and their mouthguard is impeding their speech... well this is a whole different ball game. And it's freaking awesome.

My name is too difficult for them to remember and yell out during practice.
"Ahh... Ok... Jeernaldi?"
"Hahha. No, Deeeenaaaaliii."
"Ok.... Dona."

They've given me a new name. Dona.
Ciao, sono Dona. Piacere.

I've missed playing rugby more than I thought I would.  Both our women's and men's teams back at Colorado College are kickin' butt and I'm stoked for them. I'm so excited to have my cleats on again that I feel like a young puppy trying to jump around and tackle the older, wiser dogs.  I run everywhere and retrieve all the balls.  (By the way, I learned how to say cleats- Le scarpe con i tacchetti, which literally translates to "the shoes with the studs".)

They've been so open and welcoming (sometimes translating for me during practice) that Mondays are my new favorite days of the week. Monday = rugby practice with the RhinoGirls. (Awesome team name, eh?)

So, I wish my Italian was better, because if I understood correctly, one of the women told me that we have a game this Sunday and she wants me to come for a team photo an hour away to play (unless it's raining)... but then again, since my Italian isn't what I wish it was, I could be making the whole thing up. Maybe she said, "I like playing games on Sundays when it rains. I take photos for hours."  Who knows? Well, clearly not me. We shall see.


  1. Ahhhhh! That sounds so great. I'm happy you are getting to enjoy some italian rugby. I always wanted to play a sport in a different language...that kinda sounds weird. Anyways, we are all super excited to have you back in our forward pack (heh, rhymes...) Anyway we have a game this friday vs mines. Should be fun. It's our last one before all you ladies abroad get back.

    Miss you and your smiliness,

  2. ahhhh I'm so excited that you're playing rugby in italy!

    and after typing that, I've realized that I started my comment the same way as Monika. oh well. it's just that exciting.

    your blog makes me so happyyy.

    You should take pictures of italian rugby and post them so we can see!

    Miss ya, can't wait til you come home to us,
    <3 Bestie

    PS: I apologize for the wildly inconsistent capitalization in this post.

  3. Sounds wonderful...
    I think perhaps Sports like music and math are cross cultural and transcend language barriers...

    Then again maybe not if they are calling you

    Dona is a nice compromise;)

    Yes take pictures of Italian Rugby... and of the one hour drive and of the Santa Maria Novella and of everything! I love your pictures...
    Much love to you...