Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Make Friends by Making Music

The roomie, Rebecca and I have embarked on our musical career together as the temporarily adopted Florentines that we are. Strangers in a strange land, this city (much to our chagrin) is full of tourists, full of American students... but is also delightfully full of Italians. It's the Italians that we're after. Within our first weeks in Firenze, Rebeckles bought a green ukulele and I bought a red guitar... (now all we need is to recruit a bongo player with white drums and we've abstractly created the Italian flag.) We sing nonstop whether we have our instruments or not. Our criteria for singing and playing are: anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow, anyway...

-Brought the lil ukulele ("lil ugu") to Cinque Terre in our first weekend here

-We learned a Roxette song for our host sister, Bea's, 30th birthday and performed for the party. Her four month old, Sheila, smiles and shakes her legs when the ukulele sounds.

-A month ago we made friends who also play music and went to their apartment to grab guitars and a bongo and sat in a park until 5:30am singing our hearts out.
-They invited us to open for their band at a show forty minutes away from Florence. A woman who heard us play said she wanted us to perform at her wedding. I'd say that's a successful show. (Becks was sitting on her stool during her solo Cat Power ukulele song... ended up falling forward off of the stool, mid-song, into Antonio's arms. Great friend-making tactic if I ever saw one.)
-Slung my guitar over my shoulder so we could sing and play on the walk home from our favorite bar three weeks ago, and ended up serenading the strangers who were walking in front of us... strangers no more. The other night they invited us over to their apartment and made us dinner.

-Sometimes when we sing and dance in our room with the window open, our neighbors across the street sit on their balcony to listen.
-Saturday: We BUSKED!!! In one hour we made 33 Euro and 1 Franc! (What we're going to do with the Franc is undetermined.) Pointer: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen is a money-maker.

We've met some wonderful people with our music. Sometimes just the fact that I'm carrying a guitar is enough to make a friend. One month and nine days. After letting music take us where it will in this city, ain't no way I wanna go home. La vita vola. Life flies.

(Apologies for leaving y'all hanging without any updates for the last month.  I felt like I was documenting more than I was living, so I took a break... Truth be told, I only have internet for an hour a day, five times a week, so blogging was put on the back burner. Mi dispiace.)


  1. Denali,
    All of these making friends stories through music sound amazing and like great fun! I can imagine you having some crazy times out there all over the world. Although, I cannot wait til you are back at cc! I miss you!

  2. Sounds amazing! I am not surprised that you would make fast friends over music you are amazingly talented and Italia takes notice of talent;)
    Sounds as though Rebecka is the ideal roomie for you.
    I am so over the moon happy that you are enjoying yourself.
    Be well Sweets, I miss your wise words...
    Keep on Rockin'